Run a tracert from outside the new network and see where the trace starts to fail. You IP address / mask is correct for your firewall.

1. your old NAT translations are still active on your firewall
2. your ISP screwed up their subnet on the on premise router
3. your ISP screwed up the sub netting on the there router
4. Your sonic firewall allow rules were not updated for the new outside IP addresses.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.
This is the info I got from the ISP:

Public IP network is xx.xx.xx.208 mask
Gateway IP xx.xx.xx.209
Usable range xx.xx.xx.210 - .214

So I set the main interface of my Sonicwall to be .210 with a mask of Maybe that's what's wrong? I need to read up on IP addressing schemes...

.211 is still the only IP getting through - and the ISP is still assuring me that everything is working fine on their end.


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