Hi Michael,

You must have *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG special authorities to create a web
services server, or, if you are on IBM i 6.1 or newer release, you must
have been given permission to create Web services servers. I will
point you to InfoCenter[1] for additional information on this.


Nadir Amra
Integrated Web Services for IBM i Operating System
Integrated Application Server for IBM i Operating System

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Date: 03/05/2014 12:13 PM
Subject: Authorities to create a web service with IWS (ZUI_50044)
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I'm exploring the process of creating a [first] web service with IWS. Been
reading some how-to stuff in IBMSystems articles that tell me how to get
there using a wizard, but I'm not getting too far. I read that I must
have *ALLOBJ authority to get to the wizard. Is that for real? In this
shop, that means that the SysAdmin would be the only one that would be
able to develop a web service-- could be scarey! I don't know that we are
up-to-speed with the HTTP SERVER PTFs -- hopefully we will be by next week
-- but we are at 7.1.

When I attempt http://NotJustAnybodyGetsToPlayHere:2001/HTTPAdmin I get
ZUI_50044: IBM i user profile LowlyDeveloper does not have *IOSYSCFG and
*ALLOBJ authorities or has not been granted permission which is required
to use the administration interface of IBM HTTP Server for i.

If there are specific objects that need dumbed-down authorities so that
riff-raff like developers can develop, could someone suggest how I might
make this acceptable to the higher powers?

I'll cross-post this to WEB400 as well.

Many thanks.

Michael Koester


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