Well I will be the contrarian and throw in my 2 cents.

I think that you are asking the wrong question here.

Mgmt has decided to change platforms. That is probably a good thing. You are with a city government correct?

No matter how good or bad the iseries may be, the city gov would probably be best served with a platform that is running many other city government organizations.

The value of a particular platform is no longer how good is the database engine or how good is the hardware.

The value is much more determined by: how simple is the platform to integrate with other entities? For a city, it may be how easy is it to integrate with the county tax feeds; or how easy to integrate with residential water meters; or police dispatch software.

With iseries, you are re-inventing the wheel for each of these and it is enormously expensive. With a platform that is used by thousands of other cities, it is simply a matter of following a setup procedure from the vendor/county/state/fed.

And why would they care if 90% of companies are running iseries anyways? They are a city government. They are and should be concerned with what other CITIES are running, which is why they want to drop iseries (as stated by you, other cities apparently have moved off iseries as heard at city leadership conferences).

So if you want to keep working for the city and NOT be grouped with the legacy platform, then EMBRACE the search for the new system and be a cheerleader for it.

Otherwise when the plug is pulled on the old iseries, you may be in jeopardy of going out the door with it :(

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Yes, another one of these threads... *sigh*

Upper management is saying "The AS/400 has served us well, but it is time
to move on". "It is dying." You have all seen this before. All of IT is
fighting this saying that it is more modern than you think, just that the
old green-screen is showing it's age. And budget and time prevents us from
"moderizing" more applications. We are trying to determine what is truly
the problem. Is it the applications? Is it the interface? Can we not
do something?

You don't need to preach to the choir here on benefits. We are putting
together just how integrated our entire enterprise is to all of the custom
applications we have written over the years on the system. I thought I
could add in one other factor into our arguments. What companies are using
the IBM i and what for? I know we can rattle off smaller banks and many
small to medium-sized companies. But I am looking for "wow they use that?"
Something Upper Management may have heard of. If you can share (on or off
list), I will pass along to my boss to pass to Upper Management.

And yes, I know the the AS/400 is really dead... it now called... um....
um.... screw it! It's the IBM Server!

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