All go to PND, and I've tried all the combinations for the WSCST. As a test,
I had the user put letter size paper in drawer 1, and it worked fine.

The users insist on selecting the paper from drawer 3, however, since they
want 11X17 paper in drawer 1 for printing maps. That paper won't fit in
drawer 3.

IBM gave up and told me to call Xerox.

Paul Nelson
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On 8/23/2013 1:02 PM, Paul Nelson wrote:
OK, I'm getting nowhere with IBM, except "try this" and "try that".

The printer is a Xerox Color Qube 9201. It has 3 trays. I have configured
six ways from Sunday according to IBM's instructions and can't get past
with the spool file status.

Does the printer print any spooled files or do they all PND? If nothing
prints, look to a communications issue. How is the printer attached?
Through a user PC? Remote OUTQ? DEVTYPE(*IPDS)? If only the spooled
files with the modified drawer goes to PND, then there's more to be done.

I am trying to force the printer to pull from drawer 3 instead of drawer 1
(user requirement). Even trying a custom WSCST doesn't work.

Anybody know the hex string for that printer? I'm getting ready to call
Xerox, since IBM even suggested that route.

For printer problems I always start with technical document 17690939

The Xerox Qube 9201 is listed here:

Retrieve the WSCST from the *HPCOLORLJ and modify it. You want to look
for lines like this:

DATA ='1B266C3248'X.
DATA ='1B266C3668314F'X.
DATA ='1B266C3448'X.
DATA ='1B266C3148'X.

The key parts (very simplified):
1B266C - set drawer
3248 - main drawer
3448 - drawer 1
3148 - drawer 2

These drawer settings are for one of my printers here: your numbers (31,
32, 33, 34, etc) will vary.


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