Did you look in the CGIDEBUG file for any messages. It looks like the **** section is composed of one or more complete <tag> sections as what is before and after is complete - maybe you have a typo somewhere when it is trying to write the missing sections. You could also put a breakpoint in wrtsection procedure to look at what is happening for the area of data that is coming out all *'s.

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Hi !

I have just embarked on writing XML and find using CGIDEV2 and the examples provided by Jon Paris/Susan Gantner and Scott Klement to be wonderful ! I have successfully created a partial file. However, I am getting a line of ********* that is 360 characters long which is exactly the data I am missing. The last good data in the file is at position 3912 and the next good data is 4273.

Is there a length restriction in the wrtSection ? Or to the entire streamfile before one calls wrtHtmltoStmf ? I have read thru the programs in CGIDEV2 but I don't see any restrictions for length.

I am generating an xml file of loan information for uploading to Fannie Mae. With only one loan I have 10571 characters and each file could contain 40 to 50 loans.

This is a snip of the data file from position 3264 - 4624. As you can see, one long line, no CR/LF. And 360 characters missing, filled with *****.

<PAYMENT><PAYMENT_RULE><InitialPrincipalAndInterestPaymentAmount></InitialPrincipalAndInterestPaymentAmount> <PaymentFrequencyType>Monthly</PaymentFrequencyType><ScheduledFirstPaymentDate>2013-06-01</ScheduledFirstPaymentDate></PAYMENT_RULE></PAYMENT><QUALIFICATION><TotalLiabilitiesMonthlyPaymentAmount></TotalLiabilitiesMonthlyPaymentAmount><TotalMonthlyIncomeAmount>3333</TotalMonthlyIncomeAmount><TotalMonthlyProposedHousingExpenseAmount></TotalMonthlyProposedHousingExpenseAmount></QUALIFICATION><SELECTED_LOAN_PRODUCT><PRICE_LOCKS><PRICE_LOCK><PriceLockDatetime>2013-04-09</PriceLockDatetime></PRICE_LOCK></PRICE_LOCKS></SELECTED_LOAN_PRODUCT>**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Cyndi B.
Boise, ID
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