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rob@xxxxxxxxx said the following on Mon, 7/29/2013 2:50 PM:
At offset 8, for 8 characters of format SSTS0200 of the Retrieve System
Status (QWCRSSTS) API, is
"Current date and time. The date and time when the status was gathered.
This is in system timestamp format."
So, how do I figure out the current date and time of this?
EVAL &ssts0200 :x
00000 000000A4 000000A4 985A6343 F997A000 - ...u...uq!Ää9pµ.
00010 C7C4C9E2 E8E24040 F0F0F0F0 F0F1F0.. - GDISYS 0000010.
I assume I should be looking at:
985A6343 F997A000

Rob Berendt

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