On 24 Jul 2013 11:00, Michael Ryan wrote:
Using Navigator, I'm invoking a service program procedure that
returns a result set. I'm not picking up the data that I want. Here's
the little script in Navigator:

set path = 'MPOSSTAG';
call mts_rtv_test_data_srvpr(011,0,' ');

The stored procedure is executing the service program procedure and
returning the result set. However, the data in the result set isn't
from library MPOSSTAG, it's from library NEWSYS. NEWSYS is in all
jobs library list, but I thought the SET PATH statement would put
library MPOSSTAG in the library list (effectively) so it would be
searched too.

That isn't happening. Any ideas? Thanks!

The PATH establishes where to search for executable code, not where to search for the data. For locating data, that is either the library list for system naming, the authorization id for SQL naming, or the current SCHEMA [aka default collection]. What the above SQL does in two statements, is effecting most notably in the one statement; i.e. effectively qualifies the procedure named on the SQL CALL:

call MPOSSTAG.mts_rtv_test_data_srvpr(011, 0, ' ');

p.s. Note how I added a blank after each of the commas to ensure the SQL recognizes there are three arguments, the first two are integer and the last is varchar(1), irrespective of language.

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