At 7.1 IBM switched completely to the J9 JVM's (Options 6-13?) which operate exclusively in QOpenSys AIX environment. You can use them perfectly well from QSH, of course. The qsh java command will pick up the JAVA_HOME environment variable and load and execute the jvm from QOpenSys.

As I understand it, IBM originally shipped only Java 5, Java 6, and Java 7 with IBMi 7.1 but SAP complained as their stuff required Java 1.4. So IBM quickly added Option 13. It's a J9 JVM that loads from QOpenSys for Java 1.4. Which was good for me as we have a bunch of stuff that requires Java 1.4, too; with Option 13, it runs fine on 7.1.


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Just for clarity, I am not saying that option 13 is, or is not, the replacement.

Java is a strange animal. There are ?environment variables? and what not which control which version of java to use. And, you have to balance that against what application you are using and what version(s) of java they support.

Upgrading from 6.1 to 7.1 has a nice chart in the Memo To Users for 7.1 on which java version replaces what. Option 5 was too old for this chart.
6.1's MTU failed to have such a chart.

Rob Berendt

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