On 5/10/2013 4:29 PM, Michael Naughton wrote:

We're at QPWDLVL=0, and we've had problems with users using "special" characters in passwords, as well as users mixing upper and lower case -- all of a sudden they can't get to the network drives. Is it possible to change the user's password to, say,
all lower case, with just numbers and letters, and see if that fixes the problem? If it does, that might be your issue ....

Yes, she's got no special characters now and she can access both the
green screen and the shared NetServer drive.

I'm looking for a decent technical reference on NetServer. Something
that can answer questions about cached passwords, differences between
the mostly invisible NetServer profile and the IBM i user profile and
help me understand the ramifications of say moving from QPWDLVL 0 to 2.

Buck writes:
IBM i 7.1.

Set up a new user. She chose a password with an '@' in it. Signed on
to TN5250 without issues (as expected). Tried to map a network drive
(Windows 7) to /Accounting and she got 'Access denied'. No CPInnnn
message, just line of text inside the Windows 'Map a Network Drive' box.
After changing her password to match her user ID, she was able to map
the network drive fine; knew at that point it wasn't authorisation but
her password. Windows 7 says that an @ is acceptable in a password.

Infocenter (Networking -> TCP/IP applications -> NetServer) says this:
'When using i5/OS NetServer, normal i5/OS user profiles and passwords
apply. By default, only users with valid i5/OS user profiles and
passwords can access resources on the system. Windows 2000, Windows XP,
and Windows Server 2003 offer the option to select a different user ID.
If the passwords do not match, you will see a password window. Windows
can optionally be set to remember the password.'

So. She can sign on to green screen with the @ in her password, but she
can't sign on to NetServer with it, despite the assertion in the above
quoted paragraph. The IBM reference material on NetServer seems...
thin. Is there a good technical reference I can use?

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