Not a bad habit to get into. Many of the technology refreshes in 7.1
require that all MF* ptf's be permanently applied before installing. I
think IBM is trying to address this by doing many of these steps for you.
You may just notice a longer IPL time while IBM does this for you under
the covers.

Two caveats. One, if you have any test ptf's you do not want to
permanently apply those. My IPL's are scheduled for once a quarter. About
a week before then I have a calendar entry of things to do over and above
my normal duties. I record test ptf's there.
The second caveat is if you have LPPs that do weird stuff (details to
follow) you don't want to use LICPGM(*ALL) but instead want to do them
one-by-one. One LPP is Domino. Domino has two types of ptfs: fix packs
and hot fixes. DSPPTF 5733L85
Before I would install fix pack FP68534 I have to remove hot fix L604171
permanently. If I ran APYPTF LICPGM(*ALL)... then I'm hosed. It gets
really ugly, really fast.

If you never call IBM support, and never apply a ptf outside of a cume or
group, you won't have any test ptf's. There's no way to DSPPTF
SELECT(*TEST). Why don't you want to permanently apply a test ptf? Well,
IBM may reissue it. For example, I open pmr 12345. It's unlike anything
IBM's seen. They open a new APAR. Development generates a fix and does
some rudimentary testing on it. However, my shop may be different so they
send it out to me as a test ptf. Let's say SI45678. I apply it
temporarily. Doesn't fix my issue. IBM modifies the offending object and
again sends me the same test PTF SI45678. I remove the existing one, load
and apply the new one. On the rare occasions that I oopsed and
permanently applied the old one IBM runs me through the wringer. They
suggest that I slip install the OS or some such thing, load all PTF's and
then retry the new test ptf. I sacrifice two goats, a small flock of
chickens and send them the fatted calf as a peace offering and then,
maybe, they'll generate a new test ptf, very begrudgingly. In this case
it will be a new ptf number, unlike the case if I hadn't permanently
applied the first test ptf.

Rob Berendt

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