At IBM i 7.1, we've been using Scott Klement's JDBCR4 for some time now. It's been great, although we've been doing inserts not as it's shown in the JDBCR4 presentation, but by sending the SQL statement to SQL Server for it to then use the Linked Server to select the records to insert. But we're finding limitations in doing it that way (when inserting millions of records) - every so often we get a "Connection Reset" message. I'm told that the Linked Server can't reliably handle such a large volume of records, so we're looking at other options.

One option is to instead have the RPG program use JDBCR4 to directly insert into the SQL Server database. From my understanding based on the presentation, this method inserts one record at a time instead of writing a block of records. I ran a test insert and it took about 5 minutes to insert 10,000 records, way too slow for our purposes. This test was block-reading the file, but was preparing and executing the insert statement for every record read.

See pg 25 for the Prepared Statement Insert

Another suggestion was using Client Access to create a file for a bulk insert by SQL server.

We also tried using CPYTOIMPF and then FTP'd the file to a location for SQL Server to load the file using a bulk insert. The bulk insert only took a minute for 2 million records. The COPY and FTP took about 10 minutes. This speed was great compared to both the test I mentioned above (inserting directly to the db from RPG) and compared to the method we have been using of sending a Linked Server statement to SQL Server (when it would work).
I was hoping to use JDBCR4 to perform the insert so there would be less steps involved in the process. It's not necessary, but I thought I might draw upon others' experience.


Kurt Anderson
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
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