CHKOBJ will fail if you have not the authority on the USRPRF.

You can do a RCVMSG *DIAG after the GRTOBJAUT. And, IIRC, there is an API that promotes *DIAG MSGs to *ESC MSGs.

Carel Teijgeler

On 19-2-2013 22:06, Bryan Dietz wrote:
why not use CHKOBJ before you GRTOBJAUT, make sure everything exists.


ADriver@xxxxxxxxxxxx said the following on Tue, 2/19/2013 4:01 PM:

Hi Everyone,

I'm running into an issue with a program. Amongst other things I'm trying to GRTOBJAUT to a
bunch commands and it keeps dumping with CPF2204 (User profile doesn't exist). I want this to
be a generic program I run on different systems, and there will be some profiles that exist on
some but not others. I'd rather not code IF this system DO... or IF EXIST ... for each
>>statement if I can avoid it.

I tried MONMSG CPF2204 after the GRTOBJAUT statements in the CL, but it keeps dumping on this

Looking at the help text for GRTOBJAUT (and TAATOOLS DSPMONMSG), CPF2204 is not listed as one
>>of the messages that can be monitored for with GRTOBJAUT. There are other MONMSG statements in
>>this CL that do work, although the one thing that stands out is that CPF2204 is a DIAG message,
>>not and ESC. Am I correct in assuming that's why the MONMSG doesn't work?

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