You're missing a point. The System_i_Navigator PC application is an installable application and when you install it you get to choose which functions will go on a given PC. The web application has no such capability. The is not the same as comparing Telnet to 5250 access.

Application Administration will limit access to some functions however not all of the functions offered in the web version of Navigator are covered by Application Administration, for example, disk status and system status.


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On the PC application we can control which functions get installed on the
client. With the web function, they are all visible. Like you, I have a
problem with this. There is information there that doesn't need to be made
public to all users with a browser.
Yes, you can control what gets installed on one person's PC. However
that's like saying since I didn't install the 5250 client on their PC I've
effectively locked this person out of 5250 access. You haven't. There's
nothing there to stop them from using DOS' TELNET command.
It's better to secure the individual applications as IBM suggested - by
using Application Administration.

Rob Berendt

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