Note that %len of a non-varying character field is the same as %size of the same field.

However, I think your problem might be in your definition of errDS which I don't see. The api could be getting an error and your program might be ignoring it.

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On 1/22/2013 2:33 PM, Gqcy wrote:
I am not getting this API to return data...
It doesn't appear to be failing (I can get it to fail with a bad job
name or something...)

here is what I am using:
d rcvJLcks pr ExtPgm('QDBRJBRL')
d 32766a
d 10i 0
d 8a
d 26a
d 256a

rcvJLcks( rcvrVar2
: rcvrVarL2
: fmt3
: jobID2
: errDS

d rcvrVar2 s 32766a
d rcvrVarL2 s 10i 0 Inz(%Len(rcvrVar2))
d fmt3 s 8a Inz('JOBL0100')
d hdr2@ s * Inz(%Addr(rcvrVar2))
d det2@ s *

d jobID2 ds
d JobName@ 10a
d JobUser@ 10a
d JobNmbr@ 6a

d ds Based(hdr2@)
d lcksAval 1 4b 0
d lcksRtnd 5 8b 0

d ds Based(det2@)
d csFileNm 1 10a
d csLibrNm 11 20a
d csMembNm 21 30a
d csLckRRN 31 34b 0
d csLckSts 35 35a

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