Rational Team Concert is good for task and requirements tracking as we use it, but klunky for source management. I've tested the SCM component and you have to set up i projects with RDP >and check out ALL members.

Richard, take a look at sparse loading in RTC 4.
In RTC 3 sparse loading was a painful process that required that you create the iProject correctly, load the individual source member and then load the individual source metadata (each time keying in the iProject directory location correctly) before you could compile and build the changed source.

In RTC 4 once it's configured you do a Source Code Data Query, right click the member in the resulting view and choose load..., select the workspace on the prompt, select the iProject associated with the workspace and the source (with all metadata) will be loaded in the iProject.
Even better, if there is no iProject associated with the workspace one will be created dynamically and correctly!

When your done editing and compiling the source and you've checked in and delivered, you can just delete the source member or even the whole iProject.
The member will NOT show up in pending changes as a deleted member like in RTC 3.

Very easy to work with a subset of source and keep the amount of source on your workstation under control.

Now configuring a stream so that the Source Code Data Query actually returns results, not easy.
It was the article on the dependency build that helped me figure it out.
as the same metadata about your source that supports the Source Code Scanners is also what makes the Source Code Data Query work.
I really haven't played with the Dependency Build itself as the Arcad Rational Power Pack is a more intelligent tool for that and supports ILE without a build script.


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