These times are valid. Let me restate them because the commas are
confusing. These are month end times for Infor.
The tables were all journaled.
January: No SSD's. No option 42.
February: With SSD's. No option 42.
March: With SSD's. With option 42 of SS1.
Process Jan Feb March
CST600C 90 min 89 min 56 minutes
INV900C 115 min 108 min 52 minutes
of which
INV900 98 min 87 min 35 minutes

SSD's gave us some time back. But not nearly as much time as what adding
option 42 gave us. And 42 was a much lower cost.

And I have dozens of disk arms. On a 9117-MMA. That was probably yawning
and begging for something to do as far as memory and processor at that

Real world times. Real world data. Real world system.

I do not have the capability to rewrite all of my vendor applications to
start using commitment control. Too often another real world situation.
And frankly, slapping on option 42 would have been much cheaper than
rewriting the thousands upon thousands of programs to use commitment
control. Granted, I could have done some Pareto analysis to determine
which programs used the most time and just did those but, again, would I
have gained the performance I did for the cost that I did? Assuming that
my devopers are not slaves that I would have had to feed and care for
regardless of whether or not there was real work to do.

Rob Berendt

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