I have used the following with success:

D wCommand 32702A const options(*varsize)
D wLength 15P 5 const
D wCmd s 1000 varying

wCmd =
+ '''rundll32 shell32,ShellExec_RunDLL '
+ %trim(SERVERLOC) + %trim(FILENAME)
+ ''') PAUSE(*NO)';
QCmdExc(wCmd: %len(wCmd) );

It does have the limitation of 123 characters, but that is not an issue here as I understand it.

In comparing yours and mine, I see I first built the command into a varying field "wCmd"; that made finding apostrophe errors a whole lot easier.


On 1/9/2013 2:33 PM, Smith, Mike wrote:
Due to the length restrictions of the STRPCCMD, I am looking at alternatives to serving URL from my I. I ran across this article from Scott Klement from 2007

I'm trying to get this working to see if this will work for our needs. However, I really don't know anything about HTTP configuration. It might as well be greek.

That said many years ago I did create a couple of CGIDEV2 programs that work. So I placed the ScriptAlias stuff in the same http instance at the very bottom.
I created the programs associated with this in the same library as my CGIDEV2 programs.

When I run my CGIDEV2 programs from the browser, I call http://rgt:8014/rgcgip/vendprof.pgm

SO in the openurl program I have this
QCMDEXC('STRPCCMD PCCMD(''rundll32 url,FileProtocolHandler '
+ 'http://rgt:8014/rgcgip/redir?' + %char(Key)
+ ''') PAUSE(*NO)' : 200);

When I run the OPENURL command I get page not found, but it doesn't appear to ever call the REDIR program.

I can provide the configuration file if needed. Maybe I need another http instance for this.

This is probably really simple, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong



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