Yes. All of them, well except *MACHINE because that one cannot be changed.

By enabling *CALC you let the operating system observe the way the jobs are using memory and doing DB work and thus potentially improve the system's performance. I have been doing this nearly since the option became available and have not seen any situation where *CALC harmed performance and several where it helped, sometimes a lot.

One other thing to consider is a separate pool for DOmino. The concept of pools (for those who do not know) is to put LIKE workloads together in memory pools. Thus running batch jobs, especially those with SQL, in the *INTERACT pool is bad because interactive workstation jobs and SQL batch jobs use memory in vastly different ways. So in your case having all the Domino workload in one pool, especially given your situation where it is the majority of the work, makes a lot of sense.

I'm assuming that DOMINO is running currently in *BASE which has significantly less memory than *INTERACT which you say shouldn't be used much at all. Of course you didn't give paging or faulting numbers AND I've blown well past your original question. :-)

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 1/9/2013 10:46 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Way back on AS/400's you were concerned about keeping batch and
interactive loads from conflicting so one of the first things you did was
change system value QCTLSBSD from QBASE to QCTL. Well, I'm running on IBM
i now on a Power 6 and my workload is nothing like the "traditional" loads
often seen back on AS/400's. The only 'batch' job may be a backup or
other system type stuff (like purging old spool files). There should be
no 'interactive (aka 5250)' type jobs. A vast majority of the load on
this system is Domino. Other load would only be the system type stuff. No
one outside of systems even has a user id on this system. No compilers,

When I do a DSPSYSSTS I see that system pool 3 is *INTERACT. When I do
WRKSBS and use option 5 on QBASE I see that subsystem pool 2 is tied to
system pool 3 (aka *INTERACT).

When I study the routing entries for QBASE I see several. The ones in the
interactive genre use subsystem pool 2, thus using system pool *INTERACT.
I supposed if I wanted to throttle that down I could mess with maximums
and minimums in WRKSHRPOOL.

Should I change any of these from *FIXED?
Defined Max Allocated Pool -Paging
Pool Size (M) Active Size (M) ID Defined
*MACHINE 132.80 +++++ 132.80 1 *FIXED
*BASE 622.53 176 622.53 2 *FIXED
*INTERACT 1018.66 45 1018.66 3 *FIXED
*SPOOL .25 5 .25 4 *FIXED

Rob Berendt

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