Does anyone know if the JDE (Older version running V5R4) automatically
restarts the QZDASOINIT jobs every two hours, or if there is a function
inside JDE to accomplish this? If so, any clues on how to turn it off
would be greatly appreciated.

You don't specify what version of JDE you're on, and that might make a
huge difference.

Under E1, not Oneworld, JDE uses a boatload of QZDASOINIT jobs, as most of
its data access happens through SQL functions. If it needs more, it
creates them. If too many prestart jobs are waiting, it ends them.

I don't know of any function/setting that will force individual ones to
turn off after 2 hours. If such a function happened on the i side, I
don't know how E1 would handle it, as the JDENET jobs handle the
interaction of running batch jobs (UBEs) and data requests (normally
running under QZDASOINIT/QSQSRVR). If one of those later jobs ends
unexpectedly, I don't think it would do good things to the JDENET jobs.
(In fact, I know it doesn't).

Tracking where every ODBC/SQL request goes to is an impossible task: I
have 225 QZDASOINIT jobs running right now, with another 765 QSQSRVR jobs
running. You can't always count on a particular user/batch job going to
just one ODBC/SQL Request, not can you count on one of those
QZDASOINIT/QSQSRVR jobs servicing just one user/batch job.

Not to slight anyone here, but you may find more feedback and JDE
configuration help at

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