At the company I work for the "Y2K non-event" was the result of thousands of hours of programming to fix the programs that didn't know that Centuries actually exist! Without that work, there -would- have been a Y2K event!

Of course, because every company fixed the problem before Y2K arrived, there was no impact, and everyone 'assumed' that all that money spent on 'preventing Y2K' was wasted.

The money spent on Y2K (and the data center replication and migration) was responsible in large part for the financial non-event on 9/11!

Now, the fiscal cliff may be more like a Thelma & Louise... or maybe a young James T Kirk (who bails out at the last moment).

--Paul E Musselman

At 8:39 AM -0600 12/31/12, Richard Schoen wrote:
Feels kind of like the Year 2000.

Will it be an event or a non-event like the Year 2000 was :)

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