I have 2 files, FileA & FileB. FileA has 10 fields and FileB has 5 fields
but FileB's 5 fields are identical in name, type and size to the first 5
fields in fileA.

FileA is initially empty but must be populated from FileB that has around
10,000 records. FileA fields 1 to 5 will take their values from FileB but I
am okay with FileA fields 6 to 10 having default values according to type
since these re not required for this process.

I could do this with a small RPG program but I'm fairly sure that this
could be done using SQL and applying the default values for fields 6 to 10?
Perhaps using INSERT together with a sub-select from FileB plus inserting
default values according to type.

One of the fields is DATE type size 10. I thought the default for that was



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