As for me - I'm reinventing myself. I now have experience with .NET, SQL Server, Oracle, Java, and ETL applications.

After working for 32 years on IBM midrange platforms, I'm ready for other opportunities besides supporting legacy AS/400 applications. Now I am positioned to assist IBM midrange shops in migrating their data away from this dying system...


- sjl

"Trevor Perry" wrote in message news:mailman.4589.1355491988.10847.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx...

Seems like we are a bunch of grumpy old farts who hate hate hate
everything. Bad name, bad logo, bad motto, bad IBM, bad bad bad. Seems
like many of us don't actually care much for our platform, rather an old,
out-of-date, live-in-the-past, my-life-is-waiting-for-retirement version.
Sad. Where did all the passion go that we once had for our jobs, our
careers, IT, and computing in general?

On 12/14/12 4:38 AM, "Dave" <dfx1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ugh! The sticker is even worse than the name. Before I put my glasses
on, I thought it was a Bus stop.

2012/12/14 Trevor Perry <trevor@xxxxxxxxxx>:
I sent out the first batch of IBM i stickers today. Anyone else want

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