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In the V7 information center see: "Removable Mass Storage" from the
"What's new as of October 2012"

IBM i v7 infocenter,
About IBM i Information
IBM i information overview and what's new
Storage Solutions
Removable Mass Storage (RMS)

Note to Infocenter folks: LET US BOOKMARK STUFF INSIDE THE
INFOCENTER!!!!! Ok back to normal voice....

I bookmark stuff with no problem, but I only ever do so from a new window or tab that was opened to the desired link or using "Bookmark this link" in FireFox. If I ever have difficulties locating the link in the "Contents" frame, I typically find the desired link on the page presented after navigating to the "parent" page, although there is also the more convenient navigation icon at the top of each page... where there is a "Show in Table of Contents" capability.

Anyhow, in the unexpanded "Contents" from the main page http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v7r1m0/index.jsp there are the "IBM i 7.1 Information Center", the "Viewing information in the Information Center", and the "ibm.com: About IBM - Privacy - Contact". In the second of those expandable topics there is the following link [which can also be found in a search for: bookmark pages]:

Viewing information in the information center
-> Viewing information in the Information Center
_i Setting bookmarks in the information center i_
"You can find a topic more easily by setting a bookmark.

For an information center deployed on a server and viewed over an intranet or the Internet, you can save bookmarks for topics to your browser's bookmarks or favorites menu.


If those instructions are not helpful, then I would normally recommend submitting reader comment\feedback about any difficulties with the documentation. However unlike the IBM i related pages, those InfoCenter specific pages do not have the "Send Feedback" on the top-left of every page :-(

Anyhow, the more direct drill-down path [bypassing both the "About" and "What's new"] and the actual URL:

IBM i 7.1 Information Center -> Storage solutions
_i Removable Mass Storage (RMS) i_
"RMS is a type of device and media that is high capacity, random access, and interchangeable between systems and partitions.

RMS devices and media are similar to optical storage with respect to behavior and access interfaces. They are managed and used with existing optical device functions and commands. See _Optical storage_ http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v7r1m0/topic/rzam4/rzam4optical.htm as a reference guide for use of these devices and media. RMS media are handled the same as optical volumes, and as such are also accessible through the QOPT file system by using the hierarchical file system (HFS) and integrated file system (IFS) APIs. RMS media are formatted with the industry standard Universal Disk Format (UDF) version 2.5.


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