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Just an FYI for anyone who attempts to use John's code example...

Cool! I didn't know anyone even looked at that, let alone tried to use it!

The latest version for the xlwt package named xlwt-0.7.4.tar.gz
contains a python script named "BIFFRecords.py". Within this script
there are strange quotation characters at line 1728 and greater that
must be converted to a normal double-quote before placing this in the
IFS otherwise you will receive the following error:

I didn't get that error, and I copied the Python files for xlwt
directly to the IFS (using FileZilla). I was actually expecting to
have to do some minor tweaking, but everything worked right out of the

My guess is that your FTP settings (or however it is you got the files
to the IFS) are different than mine, or maybe it has to do with CCSID
settings on your i.

Although this whole process was kind of a PITA to install and get
working correctly, it appears that this language might come in very
handy...if I can find the time to learn it. Kudos to John for posting
a usable script for us newbies :)

Thanks for using it, and I'm very glad that you were (apparently) able
to get it to work eventually. Also, kudos to you for reporting your
experience and offering a tip for others who might encounter the same

If it was a PITA to get iSeries Python installed, I would like to hear
about what was giving you trouble, because one of the maintainers of
that package is quite active and impressively good at troubleshooting,
as well as eager to make it as easy as possible to install. (He keeps
an eye on the iSeries Python forum (the "Posts" tab on
http://www.iseriespython.com), so posting there is an effective way to
reach him.)


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