Hi Eric,

There are toolkits for PHP that allow them to call RPG programs or subprocedures directly. The open source XMLSERVICE tool is one -- but there are others. These can be used without Zend Server. So that's one way.

Another way is to use the database, and call an RPG program/procedure as either an SQL function ("UDF") or an SQL procedure ("stored procedure").

Yet another way is to call via web services. Either SOAP or REST. This is very easy to do.

There are probably a half-dozen other alternatives... though, the above 3 options are the most common.


On 11/29/2012 2:23 PM, Eric Lehti wrote:
What style of RPG program can communicate with PHP?
Pass a result set back to the PHP application?

We are writing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application in
agnostic PHP (not the ZEND optimized for IBM i)

All of the CRM-specific tables are physical files on IBM I in our CRM

Substantial portions of the CRM application will join to our JD Edwards
World ERP at release A92 for information.
e.g. Retrieve from F42* files containing Sales history.
e.g. Validate postal codes against F0117 Address Book file
(exist/NotExist CHAIN)

e.g. provide a JDE# to retrieve a name from F0101 Address Book
e.g. Scrub and Edit some CRM data entry against various UDCs in F0005

I am willing to write some RPG programs that our web guy could use as
program calls so that he doesn't need to do everything with SQL
statements, however, I do not know style of RPG program he could use.

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