It's been a while for me on this one; I'm sure I've done at least part of this before, but I'm not sure if I've done it all. And I'm having difficulty understanding the manual on it.

I have two different situations that look the same, but are probably different: in one, I have an actual subfile screen, with a selection column, while in the other, I have a fixed screen (actually, a series of fixed screens) that only *looks* like a subfile with a selection column.

In both cases, when one selects a row, the program goes to another screen, where one can perform an operation for that row, then returns to the (real or fake) subfile screen from which one selected the row.

When one returns, the cursor always goes to the top of the selection column.

I've been asked to refine this, so that the cursor goes to the row one just finished working with.

I believe CSRLOC is probably my answer for the "fake subfile" screen, but the manual says this doesn't work for subfiles. And the manual entry for SFLRCDNBR has the puzzling statement, "If the subfile record format contains field selection, this keyword is not allowed." What exactly does THAT mean?

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