Several months ago I performed a recovery test for a client in the same situation.
We wound up using my tape library to get the job done, but it was at best a very ugly process.

I figured it would be "ugly" ... I was hoping that BRMS would help me a bit more in a situation like this though.

BRMS does let you adjust the tape resources to be used for 'Parallel Saves' ... I had changed it to MIN(1) MAX(1) ... hoping that this might affect how the restore would be done. BRMS let me do this too without sending me a nasty message!

I also expected having to load and reload a couple tapes many times, but the tape library could have handled this for me.

Anyway, this was just a test. I have had another tape drive on order and it should arrive in a few days. I just wanted to know if in an emergency where I lost one of my tape drives at my remote site, that I could at least "limp along" with one.

Based on the feedback I got to my question, it doesn't look like that's a very good option...

And by the way... The new tape drive I ordered has 2 drives in it, so my recovery site will always have one extra drive available, just in case.

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