No - only objects that are created with a REPLACE option will have a copy there - and there could even be multiples of the same object, so one must be careful.

The purpose of QRPLOBJ - at least one purpose - is to prevent jobs from blowing up when a program is compiled while in use. The one being used is remapped, shall we say, so that jobs using it still have access to it. Once those jobs end, the next time that program is called, the new one is used.

DLTLIB does not do any compilation or object creation, so it would not put anything in QRPLOBJ.

Make sense? I hope I was clear at first, in that not everything goes there.

On 10/12/2012 12:07 PM, Crispin wrote:
So a DLTLIB will place files in QRPLOBJ? Didn't know that. Must make
clearing up the objects really hard work... :)

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Good idea. It will definitely not get everything, because this library
is for replaced objects - things that were compiled with REPLACE(*YES),
for example, or user spaces that were created with the replace option
turned on.

3 magic words! Backup! Backup! Backup!


On 10/12/2012 11:41 AM, Monnier, Gary wrote:
No backup? Ouch!

QRPLOBJ may be useful. The text description for objects in QRPLOBJ holds
the object library and name. You might be able to copy the objects in
question back to the library and then rename them. Using WRKOBJPDM
against QRPLOBJ and then subset by Text. The text value to contain the
library name: LOSTLIB/ for instance.

Good luck.

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Is there ANY way a library that has been deleted, or maybe just the files,
can be recovered on the i? Maybe QRPLOBJ is useful?

Thomas Garvey

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