I am sure I have done this before, but it escapes me and I cannot find code
where I have done it.

I have a file I need to create, stripping out duplicate records. The problem
is I have a quote file with overlapping quotes Example:

Quote # Vendor Part Number Dates from / to

1234 abcd Item1 01/01/2012 to 09/30/2012

2345 abcd item1 07/01/2012 to 12/31/2012

For the application I have, I need to select ANY one of the 2 above.

I have created a temporary file QUOTE2 and am then using the INSERT to fill
the new file QUOTE2 with unique records.

The command is:

Insert into QTEMP.QUOTE2 Q2


from myLib.QUOTE A3

where current date between A3.QTDTEF and A3.QTDTEX

And A3.QTCO || A3.QTVEND || A3.QTPN not in (

Select Q1.QTCO|| Q1.QTVEND ||Q1.QTPN from QTEMP.QUOTE2 Q1)

) ;

The difference here is I am trying to insert records into the same file that
I am checking for duplicates (QTEMP.QUOTE2).

My result contains the duplicates. It appears the system is building up a
work file before it starts the INSERT. As the work file starts off being
empty, the NOT IN has nothing to check against and so writes all records
into QUOTE2. I would like it to check back against QUOTE2 for every INSERT.

I need a new way or some way similar to a declare cursor using the SENSITIVE

My code is running in a script using RUNSQLSTM so I am limited by what I can
do in the script.


Darryl Freinkel | Assignment 400 Group, Inc.

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