We have a QZDASOINIT job running in the QHTTPSVR sub-system. User is QWEBADMIN, type it BATCHI and the job started way back on 03/10/12. (We don't IPL very often...)

Some of our .NET code calls RPG programs to produce reports. UDATE is commonly used for the current date i report headings. The QZDASOINIT jobs in QUSRWRK are ended each night, so UDATE, in theory, works for these RPG programs.

However, we recently got a report with a 3/10/12 date on it. We deduce that this report somehow got attached to the QZDASOINIT job in QHTTPSVR.

Two things I don't understand.

1) Why would .NET connect to a job running in QHTTPSVR? I'd have expected a connection to QUSRWRK.

2) What's a QZDASOINIT job doing in QHTTPSVR in the first place? Again, I would expect QZDASOINIT to be only in QUSRWRK, though I see a couple in QSERVER.

(OK, there may be lots of things I don't understand)

3) For that matter, what is the QHTTPSVR subsystem anyway and how does it start? We don't do Websphere, and we have CHGHTTPA AUTOSTART(*NO) but I suppose someone could have done STRTCPSVR *HTTP.

4) Do I need QHTTPSVR? Can I just do ENDTCPSVR *HTTP? Or end the SBS?

You may have guessed that we don't have a full time System Admin...

Thanks, Sam

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