Hi Thomas,

My program is capable of writing all of the messages from the SMTP session to the job log. You should be able to use the job log's timestamps to see which parts are taking longer than others, and perhaps that'll give you an idea where the performance issue lies?

Keep this in mind: Just because the computer is faster, does not mean that the network connections are faster. You may be waiting on the network.

I'm not sure there's an SMTP config that would relate to this?


On 9/6/2012 5:21 PM, Thomas Garvey wrote:
I'm trying to figure out why sending an email on one IBM i server is
performed so much faster than the same task on a different server, even
though the first server is a much slower box. We have a model 520 that
sends emails pretty quick (using Scott Klement's SMTPSendMail replacement
for the QtmmSendMail API), while our E4B is a REAL SNAIL (using the same
programs). It can takes minutes for each email sent on the E4B, while a
matter of moments on the 520.

I'm fairly ignorant on SMTP config and have done my best to compare apples
to apples between systems, but can't see any differences.

Any suggestions?


Thomas Garvey

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