We've recently acquired a TS3200 (aka 3573-L4U) with firmware level A.60 /
It's a 4U unit outfitted with four LTO4 fiber drives.
We replaced a group of TS3100 (aka 3573-L2U)'s with this. The TS3100's
had scsi LTO3 drives.
We're using LTO3 tapes still.

What we are experiencing is that occasionally the gui web interface (it's
in a different city) becomes unusable. Rebooting the tape library fixes

Yesterday I saved two guested lpars on it. The same times were comparable
with the previous unit. The first lpar finished with about a 35% increase
in save time. Not what I was hoping for but I don't have statistics on
whether or not we experienced that much growth since it's last save. (We
save once a quarter. Replicated, etc...). The second lpar finished with
about a 5% increase in save time. Strictly coincidental but we weren't
saving at the same time.
After they completed I began the hosting lpar. The save went from 3 hours
39 minutes to 13 hours 4 minutes! Definitely NOT due to disk consumption.
No inordinate messages in DSPLOGBRM. From that I gleaned that all the
growth was in the stream file saves. That went from a length of time of
3:15 to 12:34. Yes, this lpar is mainly stream files. Multiple Domino
partitions, and, guesting two other partitions. No "traditional"
applications. No inordinate messages in it's joblog. The message that it
went from the first to the second tape was at 15:12. The CPC370C message
that so many stream file objects were saved was at 02:03.
PRTERRLOG *VOLSTAT is showing no errors on the tapes.
Nothing in WRKPRB.
Nothing in the Product Activity Log.
Nothing in the Service Action Log.
None of the tape library logs had anything for that time period. There, I
can even see stuff from before our acquisition.
None of the drives any any entries in their error logs. (Would the reboot
have cleared them?)
Checked fix central and the library and the drive firmware (B6W1) is the

Our hope at this time is to reboot the tape library right before our next
big save. The web gui started getting weirder as the save progressed
until it was no longer useable.

Serial Number 78H7280

Rob Berendt

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