The odds of IBM coming up with any new places are about the same as IBM
supporting any new JVM's that might come out. IOW - high. In fact, they
just added two kits for java 7 in April of this year. Yes, that's right.
New options for LPP's that will not be on the provided media and must be
downloaded from ESS. IOW, don't rely on "Media labels and their
The odds of IBM dropping a place? Well, they've rolled off options 1-7.
These are no longer available on 7.1. Option 6 for Java classic 1.4 was
last on 6.1. Option 5, jdk 1.3 was last on V5R4.
V5R4 supported JV1 options 5-8. 7.1 supports option 8 and above. Knowing
James, guess what he may shoot for...

Haven't seen anything here about the life expectancy of option 8
Of course, that's really old and occasionally refers to 7.1 as the
"Though i5/OS V5R4, V6R1, and the following release "
"V5R3, V5R4, V6R1, and the following release"
"The release following i 6.1"

I'm not a Java expert so I can't tell you the ramifications of IBM
dropping option 8. Has IBM dropped a JVM thus forcing you to upgrade to a
version of Domino which uses a newer jdk prior to upgrading to that OS?
You betcha. Time marches on...

Rob Berendt

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