Unfortunately this thread has left us with a combination of yes, no, and maybe...
There is a big difference (imho) in how the system keeps time & handles time zones, and how the schedulers are programmed to function.

This doc explains it better than I can... note there are differences between native job scheduler (wrkjobscde) & Advanced Job Scheduler (wrkjobjs)
read the whole doc.. but especially question 6. Even though this doc originated years ago, last update was last Friday..


In pre-Y2k days I discussed this issue w/one of the developers (at Common) who maintained the native job scheduler, and he did insist the process would never run a job twice because the record is tagged with last execution date and would not run the same date twice (native job schedule cannot schedule one entry to run multiple times in a day like the advanced scheduler.

Note that this doc does not reference i Navigator & it's schedule functions or Management Central (whether they are different or not)

Jim Franz

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I was thinking of NEP that wakes up every day at 2:30am. But then I did not carefully think this out. Spring Ahead, 2:30 never happens and Fall Back 2:30 only happens once. I wonder if the job would just sit waiting or if the UTC thing comes into play and it run at 3:30.

I love left field, back to reading and holding off on those quick replies.

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