Joe: Care to share an example?

The RTVMBRD command gets me where I initially where I wanted to go (thanks Gary and Chuck) but now I am intrigued by the other fields in the API such as Logical vs. physical, etc.

Why I did not think of the RTVMBRD command is beyond me, I got so tied up in wanting to use the API I did not think of it. I also did not think to use QADBXREF (thanks Bill)


Jim Oberholtzer
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On 12/6/2011 3:34 PM, Joe Pluta wrote:
Use %BIN to convert that byte to a numeric value. Then use
multiplication, division and subtraction to isolate the bit.


> Folks:
> I am working on a project where I have to determine if a file is a
> source file or physical file. The problem is it will be too slow to
> call DSPFD to an outfile and read it for each of the files that will be
> looked at. So I was trying to use the API QDBRTVFD which is perfect for
> the problem, except: The data structure IBM used for the attributes is a
> 16_BIT_ field. (Maybe Bruce can explain the logic behind that choice)
> Constraints: Must use CL and must work at V5R4.
> Any ideas how to get after that fifth bit?

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