FWiW.... I haven't come across anything that I've needed to do that ESEND could not handle. Granted, I had to come up with a work-around for a specific report bundling task, but that wasn't too difficult. Out of the box, it's handled 99%+ of what we need.

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rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Why does the OP care? Are they trying to solve a problem, and need
assistance? Are they running a poll to see if anyone is using it and, if
this unscientific poll is low then does that give pull to convince the
customer to move to something else? I doubt if the OP is trying to get
people to read the marketing on it and thus get free publicity - he's not
that way.

Quite correct, Rob.

The internal email generation facility in our Wintouch product uses
QtmmSendMail, because it's built into the OS, and while it's clunky and
fragile, it's not quite as kludgy as using JavaMail (which is what we
did for a while).

But when we need to put email capability into installation-specific exit
programs, we usually try to use something a bit higher-level, and easier
to deal with, especially since we're usually asked to send attachments.

One of our customers, for which I wrote a packing-slip-emailer, uses
Gumbo Spoolmail, which works rather nicely for what they needed, and was
already present on their system.

But this new customer wants something a bit different, and E-Send is
what they already have installed.

At this point, probably all I care about is an unbiased assessment of
what E-Send can do, and if anybody is familiar with both products, an
unbiased comparison between E-Send and Gumbo Spoolmail.

But later on, I may need some pointers on implementation.



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