I can't answer your first remaining question, James, but the answer to the
second is in the open() documentation in InfoCenter:
Usage note 2 of

"When you do not specify O_INHERITMODE for the oflag parameter, the owner,
primary group, and public object authorities (*OBJEXIST, *OBJMGT,
*OBJALTER, and *OBJREF) are copied from the parent directory's owner,
primary group, and public object authorities. This occurs even when the
new file has a different owner than the parent directory. The owner,
primary group, and public data authorities (*R, *W, and *X) are derived
from the permissions specified in the mode (except for those permissions
that are also set in the file mode creation mask). The new file does not
have any private authorities or authorization list. It only has
authorities for the owner, primary group, and public."

Hope that helps,

Tim Clark

"James Lampert" <jamesl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

DeLong, Eric wrote:
James, did you ever read the link that I posted earlier? I suspect
you're still NOT checking the directories in the path that precede
your file object. EACH of the directories in your path MUST have at
minimum *X, the directory that contains your file must have *WX, and
the file object itself must all *OBJEXIST authority...

Uh, (1) the directories that always behaved properly were direct
sister-directories to the one that was malfunctioning, i.e., in the
immediate parent directory, so path could not have been involved, and
(2) in the malfunctioning directory, the owners of all files created
after it began malfunctioning were explicitly locked out of object
authorities for their files, and (3) the malfunctioning directory had
authority line at all for the owner, and as soon as I added one, it
started behaving properly.

The only question remaining is how the owner's authority line for the
malfunctioning directory disappeared in the first place, and why its
absence would cause everything created therein to be created with an
owner authority line explicitly locking out the owner's object


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