Yes, I believe you can use the iSeries Access AFP Drivers.

Once queued you can move a document around in the queues and restart. I
don't believe they are viewable and I don't believe you can control page
range printing or restarting although I could be wrong.

Not sure these would usable to copy into a database file. You would be
better copying the data from the PC to the iSeries depending on the

Have never used IPP printing but the little I have read makes it look

Apparently you can also share iSeries printers via NetServer as well.

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message: 3
date: Sun, 16 May 2010 08:41:52 -0400
from: Mike Cunningham <mike.cunningham@xxxxxxx>
subject: Print from a PC to iSeries output queue

Is it possible to setup a Windows PC so it has a printer that would
print to an iSeries output queue? And then use whatever iSeries
utilities there are to manage that spool file? Might be move it to a
queue attached to a remote laser printer and print it, might be copy the
spool file to a database file and process it with my own application,
might be print it to a local attached printer. Would this be something
IPP printing would handle? If so I think I can figure out the server
side for setup of IPP but what would I need to do on the PC side to
setup a Windows printer that points to the IPP device?

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