find -x / -type d | grep -i '/zendcore$'
ran pretty quickly (< 5 seconds) but this:

find -x / -type d | grep -i '/zendcore/htdocs$'

took nearly 4 minutes which seems odd. Anyway - I now know how to
limit to a single level down.

Agreed: that makes no sense. Something else on the machine slowed it down
at the wrong "moment," perhaps? I might be tempted to do a 3-out-of-5
comparison. But maybe not worth it.

If anyone can suggest a good starting point for learning this
gibberish I'd welcome hearing it.

I like the KornShell programming tutorial by Barry Rosenberg (ISBN
020156324X) very much. It was my intro to unix back when it was a new
publication (yipes, 1991), and has maintained its relevance. QSH seems to
be modeled after KornShell, though I have never seen that documented.

Jon (Bring back the tabulators - I miss them) Paris

I'll order an IBM 401 for you right away. How would you like that shipped?

Dennis Lovelady
"There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few things
that we feel like doing today."
-- Mignon McLaughlin

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