Sigh. . . That is what I'm afraid of. SBMJOB probably won't work for
me. The command send a result back to the client, I won't think the
client will get the result if I sumbit.


"Scott Klement" <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You could include a command to change the library list as part of your

remote command-string that you're sending... Or you could send a
command to run your program (the SBMJOB could specify the jobd to get
the library list from)

hockchai Lim wrote:
When I use ssh to sumit a remote-command from my PC to iseries,
spwan of a job to serve this ssh request. This spawned of job is
under the user ID that I expected, which the USERID that I specified
on the
remote command. Everything works well, except the library list.
This spwan
of job seems to be Inheriting the library list of the ssh server
job. Is
there a way to tell the system to use the user profile job
description to
setup the library list of this spwan of job?

thank you

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