Do you have IP addresses for your Systems in the host file, that
looked like the IP address of the "Console" on each machine.

Also, check that the user profile QSECOFR has a password and is


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Subject: Management Central Endpoint System Not Responding

I cannot get one of the endpoint systems in Management Central to respond.

I noticed the other day that some iNav (Management Central) collection jobs
weren't running. Odd because they used to; I'd see the Collection Started /
Finished windows when I'd log into my PC some mornings.

Trying to fix this I went to Management Central, but it could not connect to
the central system (Servo). Again, odd because I'm sure I did that last
week. It could, however, find the system under the "My Connections" tab;
right clicking and selecting 'System Status' worked.

Okay, so I decided to change the central system to our other box (Crow).
And now I can get into Management Central. But the Endpoint for Servo still
did not work; i.e., any collection timed-out; checking PM status fails, etc.

Okay, so I decided to delete Servo as an endpoint system. The first time it
didn't delete; the second time (an hour later) it did. Then did a discovery
of systems in the network, which is supposed to add any new ones it finds to
the Endpoint tab. Discovery did not find Servo. So I added it manually.
Checked the Properties (right click the endpoint system name) and it shows
the correct IP address, but still no luck starting collections or viewing
the PM status on Servo. Crow, the new central point system, works fine in
Management Central.

I checked the archives and found that Vern had a similar problem back almost
exactly seven years ago. Except that in his case the IP addresses of the
systems had been changed, which is not true in my case. And I did not see
any eventual resolution to the problem. I did check the HOSTS file in
\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, which has localhost CROW_CONSOLE SERVO_CONSOLE

which are our LAN consoles for the two boxes. If there's another HOSTS file
somewhere, Windows Search didn't find it.

The "Verify Connection" for Servo under the "My Connections" section
verified. No such option (that I can find) under Management
Central...Endpoint Systems...Servo. There is one for Management Central
itself, but it only verifies the central system.

The Management Central server under TCP has been started under both systems,
but just to be sure I stopped the one on Servo and restarted it. Once via
iNav and later via green screen commands.

Is there anything under CFGTCP or in iNav that I can check? Anything else?


Jerry C. Adams
IBM System i Programmer/Analyst
B&W Wholesale
office: 615-995-7024
email: jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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