Paul Jackson wrote:

We have an empty programmer output queue that is shown as having a size of 8,409,088 which seems a little excessive as a newly created outq has a size of 32,768.

The base object types of /index/ and /queue/ [on which other, e.g. "user" types like *USRIDX] are effectively "grow only" with little or no capability [i.e. generally no /method/] provided to truncate the object to a base size. Such objects would normally need to be deleted and recreated to effect a base size.

We've tried multiple CLROUTQ's to no avail.

For comparison: The implementation object for the *LIB [library] object is an index object. As objects are added to the library and the index grows to accommodate the number of objects, the removal of all objects will not reclaim all of the storage of the index [even with CLRLIB] because of the "grow only" nature. I suspect the *OUTQ object type will experience similar. A DMPOBJ TheLib/TheOutQname *OUTQ would likely show a pointer to the implementation object and its size; and sizes of other internal objects & associated space which as a composite, comprise the output queue. A dump of the MI object via STRSST Display/Alter/Dump feature could provide even more details.

Does anyone know what might be causing this behavior? Would a
RCLSPLSTG reset the size?

The reclaim spool storage feature will delete the implementation objects for spool files [e.g. the database members of QSPL#### libraries] according to both their reuse capability and threshold specified. I am not aware of anything that reclaim request would or could do [at least any more than CLROUTQ could] to reduce the size of the implementation object for the *OUTQ object. I believe that only by deleting and then re-creating will the object size decrease for that object type; e.g. by DLTOUTQ then CRTOUTQ then any owner\authority modifications, by rename or move of the output queue then duplicate & delete the old copy, or by deleting and then restoring a copy of the object [a copy saved prior to its growth, having saved\restored private authorities or assigning them].

Regards, Chuck

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