On 02/09/2009, at 4:53 AM, Paul Jackson wrote:

We have an empty programmer output queue that is shown as having a size of
8,409,088 which seems a little excessive as a newly created outq has a size
of 32,768.

We've tried multiple CLROUTQ's to no avail.

Does anyone know what might be causing this behavior? Would a RCLSPLSTG
reset the size?

Queues of all types expand as content is added that will cause the queue to exceed its current size but are not automatically reduced by removing queue entries. The traditional way of reclaiming the space is to delete and recreate.

Deleting a spooled file removes the queue entry for the file and empties the container (a member in a file in QSPL) of the spooled file data. It does not reduce the queue size. RCLSPLSTG will remove the container for the spooled file itself (i.e., the member in an file in QSPL) but I think will do nothing to the size of the output queue.

One way to manage the size of output queues is to stop using them as permanent repositories. Spooled files are not meant to retain data (unless printed and filed)--that's what database files are for.

NOTE: Data queues support an AUTORCL keyword on the CRTDTAQ command which makes this situation more manageable but I think other queue types do not expose/support that attribute.

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