Certificates of Currency are commonplace these days and many companies are
placing more and more emphasis on the various insurances.

There are specific appendices in various types of Contracts identifying the
Insurance requirements.

Norm Dennis

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We do have these policies for our own protection and peace of mind,
but about once a year when we are doing a project for a large company we get
asked for it. I usually fax them a copy of the policy summary and
everything is good. There was one company that actually wanted to be
co-named on the insurance policy, and I explained to them that we had all
the insurance they required and gave them proof, if they wanted to be
co-named on the policy, there is no problem but our rates go up by 10% to
cover the additional administrative overhead. Funny, all of a sudden they
were fine with the summary of the policy and a call to our agent for
verification that the policy was in effect.

My agent is William Hajj Insurance Company, ask for Bill at


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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I know a lot of the folks on this list run their own businesses so I'm
hoping David will not mind this slightly off-topic post.

A potential client is asking for every kind of business insurance
imaginable from liability to Errors-and-Omissions to ... lability is
one thing but the errors and omissions I'm finding hard to locate.

So far we're having trouble finding companies that even offer such
policies for small businesses let alone the costs or indeed any sign
that anyone offers cross-border policies since we operate both in
Canada and the US (and in Europe for that matter).

Anyone have such policies ? And if so could you point me that the
appropriate companies.

Jon Paris


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