I don't need a response to this... I'm just sending it so that the next
guy can find his answer...

I had the dreaded yellow light on my 520 v5r4. QSYSOPR said "call your
service provider immediately".

Uh oh...

No better info anywhere... just something about the AC Module. I let
the machine phone home. IBM called me 10 minutes later. They had no
better information, and I'm not on HW maintenance.

GOOGLING the src code only found something about somebody kicking the
plug out of the wall...

I finally realized that the batteries in my ups were complete toast.
Pressing the TEST button killed the juice entirely. So - my UPS was
virtually kicking the plug out of the wall. I never noticed because
this is a rarely used dev box. It would recover itself in 20 min or

So - short answer - SRC110000AC could be your UPS is faulty or needs new
batteries. My UPSs are a fleet of old workhorses - APC1200s. Maybe
work-mules is a better word, since they work hard but they "ain't too
smart". The don't tell anyone when the battery is near death...

Carry on...

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