What is this tagging procedure you speak of. I would like to pass this
on to the DB admin.


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Why ask the system to /tell a lie/ about the data; i.e. why ask
the system to force translation based on an assumption? Fix the
actual problem, rather than trying to override the proper effect.
Tag the data with the appropriate CCSID so the system knows what to
do without any fibbing. When the columns have the appropriate CCSID
tagging to reflect the data within, there would almost never be any
reason to ask the system to _assume_ what the data is, nor a need to
discover what interface might need to be configured\tweaked to
enable the fib. Thus for the latest inquiry, if the columns are
properly tagged, then determining how to make the "View Contents"
feature force the translation of hex data would be moot.

Regards, Chuck

ibm wrote:
I spoke too soon. What about when I navigate to a table and do
'View Contents'? I still see CCSID encoding.

Scott Klement wrote:

In Navigator: Open up the "Run an SQL Script" window. click
Connection / JDBC Setup, then switch to the Translation tab, and
check the "Translate CCSID 65535" checkbox.

I'm not familiar with "IBM Optim Studio".

ibm wrote:
When using Navigator or IBM Optim Studio, my result sets always
come back as CCSID 65xxx. So I can't read the string values.
When using the Client Access ODBC I can specify to convert
CCSID values and everything looks good.

What changes do I need to make to get human readable strings
with Navigator or IBM Optim?

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