Seacrest (or whomever owns the code), sent out a letter a while back (I
do not remember exactly when) telling Document Integrator customers that
the product was being dropped from support and that customers would have
the option to get the source for a price to allow us to continue using
the tool with system upgrades. I believe we got this letter because we
were active maintenance customers.

I do not know the legal stuff regarding "sharing" the source so I will
say that I cannot share at this point. I also know that there was a
time limit attached for when we could purchase the source.

Thanks, Matt
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For years, we have been using a product called Document Integrator from
Seacrest Business Systems and recently found out they have discontinued
their AS/400 product. Essentially the product is a "word processor"
type product we integrated into our ERP system to allow easier editing
of text entry.

The sad thing is we didn't find this out until it was too late... we
upgraded our iSeries the other day and this product needs a new bomb
code and we can't get hold of anyone. We also received no notice of
this product no longer being supported so we are in quite a bind.

I'm looking for 2 things:

If anyone is still using this product out there, do you have any new
contacts or did you receive a permanent bomb code at some point? We are
trying to track them down but not having luck.

If anyone is familiar with a similar type of product, we are looking for
recommendations into replacing it with another product.

Thanks in advance.

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