The WITH isolation level clause is for the DML; in this case, the SELECT. However the WITH isolation-clause may not even be valid for the AS select-statement; not noted as one of the prohibited clauses however. Presumably it would be moot, as the CREATE TABLE would still be under the default isolation of *CHANGE; and the subquery inserted data as well.? There is no WITH isolation level clause for the DDL; in this case, the CREATE TABLE. You will want to use the SET OPTION or SET TRANSACTION to set the isolation level for the REXX SQL.

Regards, Chuck

David FOXWELL wrote:

I've been using a REXX procedure for updating with SQL by simply
passing the SQL that I want to execute. Now I want to use it to
execute CREATE TABLE, but I get the message

Table REFER00001 de QTEMP incorrecte pour cette opération.

I think there's something up with the commitment control. I usually
just put with NC on the end but here there's already _With Data_ in
my command.

What's the syntax for using SET in the REXX procedure ?

Here's my call to REXX :

PARM('create table mytable as
( SELECT * from myothertable ) with data with nc')

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