Well i810 upgrades are discontinued and have been for 'some time'. So are
i825 and anything else in that family. While it sounds cold harsh and
cruel, IBM has no business reason to provide that password. In fact it
hurts them in the long run as providing these passwords would encourage
more users to stay on older hardware thus dragging out support
requirements for those machines. The customer has the choice of upgrading
to a different i810 (or any other used system) with a different serial
number (clearly this has issues) or purchasing a new POWER system from
IBM. The used hardware path completely keeps IBM out of the hardware
picture but potentially gets them software revenue and the POWER system
provides them revenue on hardware and software.

This would be what I would have expected for IBM to do for discontinued

- Larry

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Re: System ID / System Passwords

jim t wrote:
I was involved in an processor upgrade on an 810 recently. IBM would not
recognize the upgrade and refused to give us the new password.... they
told us on the day the password was to expire. We had to downgrade to the
old processor again.

YUK! did they tell you why? Any more details?

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