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I could see with command WRKLICINF but when I used go
licpgm I get blank screen & no Menu is being displayed.

Are there any other errors faced when you moved to V5R4?

Jerry Adams <Jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Use the WRKLICINF to display the products you have

Put a '7' on 5722SS1. Option 5 is the System/36

You can start the S/36 environment either as a system value
(QSPCENV = *S36), which is what we do, or with the STRS36
command (in a user profile, startup CL, command line, etc.)

You can use the WRKOBJ OBJ(STRS36PRC) command to see if the
command is actually installed. In V5R4 there is a proxy
command in QSYS pointing to the real command in QSSP.

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What is the command ? How do I see whether this lpp is in
QSSP library on my system?
Thank you for your response.

MKirkpatrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Make sure you have lpp 5722SS1 option 5 & 6 System/36

This command is in the QSSP lib.

midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 06/10/2008
09:53:26 AM:

Command STRS36PRC in library *LIBL not found.

Previous 1 errors found in embedded command STRS36PRC.

Error found on SBMJOB command.

CPF0001 received by COSTRUNJ at 4100. (C D I R)

? C

Hi list - we just migrated from a V4R4 machine to a
V5R4 machine and
need this STRS36PRC.
What are we missing?


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